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What our clients say

Macronita Swizzy

Macronita Swizzy

I manage to book with safirify the couple who own the vacation home i rented were very friendly and helpful. The rooms were very clean and comfortable. It was a delight to stay here. I highly recommend booking with safirify

Jackline Salis

Jackline Salis

The hotel staff especially Amioli and Ms. Teresa at the Guest Reception were very helpful. They helped to organize a wonderful birthday party for our little daughter who celebrated her eleventh birthday. Special thanks should also be given to safirify, everyone was very kind and served us to our fullest satisfaction

Macbanay Etini

Macbanay Etini

The experience was great. Found the hotel better than expected. We went to Masai Mara wildebeest migration though did not stay long. We spent most of the time at the hotel because of the kids. I recommend booking with safirify

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